“ AMAZING - following my session this morning I have got more energy and feel so much better and you can’t imagine the difference in pain relief - I don’t know what your doing but please keep it up.”

“We can’t thank you enough for all the amazing work you sent through… so much of what came up is bang on and make so much sense… thank you big time for the bottom of our hearts.”

Nicola has been helping my daughter, overcome anxiety and depression associated with anorexia for approximately a year now.

She visits each week during the term time and Nicola organizes a variety of activities and tools to help her cope with this illness. This can range from Yoga, Reflexology, Healing with Ponies, talking therapy and mindfulness.

She absolutely loves these sessions and always comes away in a stronger and more positive frame of mind. Katie has made fantastic progress throughout the year. We truly believe that these “therapy” sessions have had a very positive impact on her. She has learned a lot of skills to help her cope now and which she will always have moving on through life. My daughter now does Yoga on her own every day!

You bring peace calm and perspective in a busy crazy world through non-judgmental yoga, meditation, reflexology. inner healing, emotional healing. A sanctuary for people seeking inner peace, strength, rediscovery, and acceptance also with the power of horses to help heal.

Gut re-boot week was fantastic. I completed the week feeling lighter and energized. After what seemed like weeks of really bad hay fever, tired eyes and completely lethargic and negative, it completely lifted me out of the fog and has given me a fresh new direction knowing that to get the best out of my body, I have to nourish it with good things.

I was slightly nervous about the timing of it - just at the beginning of the summer holidays - but actually it turned out to be the perfect timing. I'm a much nicer happier Mum when I'm energized with a happier mindset which is what Gut re-boot has left with me with.

It was easy in that I didn't really feel hungry, I loved the abundance of baked veg, really enjoying my meals mostly veg but topped with a piece of chicken or oily fish - delish. Loads of water which alone, makes such a difference, all the lemons and mint from the garden in a 5-litre Kilner jar with a tap, the whole family drank so much more as it looked so good!

I did struggle with the lack of coffee - headaches initially but those eased and I did have one or two black proper coffees in the week. Naughty but nice! But I kept repeating in my mind 'be kind to yourself' which really resonated - I think that's the key to keeping on track on a healthier lifestyle. Not beating yourself up if you go off track, it makes going back on course much easier!

The vitamins were fine but the Aloe Vera and clean greens were difficult to swallow but again, knowing it was doing good things made it all bearable!

The fasting days were OK. The biggest problem I had with the week was the weather! I think had it been a lot cooler, I would have been exercising more, the hot weather totally zapped me so fasting and not moving very much because of the extremely hot weather kind of went together OK! Doing this in the cooler months will be much more beneficial I believe as usually I never stop during the day and I walk and walk so I think the benefits of that and gut re-boot will be even more beneficial later on in the year.

I will definitely do it again. Re-boot is such a good word, it's exactly what it is without being too extreme, without doing yet another fad diet, it's a reset switch and the feeling you get at the end is wonderful.

We started off by discussing my general health, nutritional pattern, any changes that I would like to make and Nicola gave me some very realistic goals that she felt might help. At our next meeting, we would discuss if her suggestions had made a difference and how I was feeling generally. A few food swops and some simple additions to my diet had begun to have an impact on how I felt. Our conversations led on to discussing a variety of different topics and the more sensitive areas of emotions, moods, and feelings, which of course are all linked to our general health and wellbeing. Nicola made some observations and gave me some incredibly helpful and easy to access tools, to deal with areas that I wanted to address.
This then led very naturally to some bigger issues which I thought I had dealt with, but I had actually suppressed and realized they were beginning to have a very negative impact on my life. Nicola asked if I felt ready to talk through them and with her encouragement I felt confident enough to bring to the surface and confront.
I had experienced a very painful and tragic loss of a friend and had not really faced the reality of the situation. Nicola helped me to talk about it, confront the impact that it has had on me, in a calm and sensitive way. I have now been able to accept it and am able to talk openly about them without being clouded by deeply negative and destructive emotions. I can be positive and thankful for the times shared.
As we progressed I also discovered that I was absorbing others' emotions, leaving me feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, panicky and slightly out of control. I wanted to be able to take back my mind, leaving space for calm, considered decisions, my feelings, and emotions, (good and bad) without feeling selfish, which I no longer do and to be able to give help and advice to loved ones without the clouded, knee jerk reaction which was currently getting me nowhere and making me feel bad. With some listening and ideas from Nicola, I now feel free of overload, confusion, and fear and have been able to return to a happy measured mind and have a level of calm confidence which is quietly empowering. There have been some strange emotions and discoveries along the way so far, but I know now that I can deal with them if they pop up in the future. If this can happen in 3 months, I am genuinely excited to see what will emerge in the coming year.
It is true that a genuinely relaxed, friendly and calm environment, a chance to be able to express yourself freely without judgment, enables you to focus on your journey and a world of self-discovery that I genuinely didn’t think I needed but has been a gift to myself!

Nicks' Bioresonance. I took our daughter Sophia (aged 16) to see Nicks earlier this year after she had been suffering with ME for over two years. After four sessions on the bioresonance machine, combined with 3 months of natural nutritional supplements, we began to see a difference. Six months on and Sophia is now energetic, attending college full time, positive about her future and living a full teenage life. It really has been the most remarkable transformation. I never thought it would be possible. I can't thank you enough, Nicks!

I can't tell you what a difference today made to me! Thank you so very very much, I arrived in a typical Monday hectic "headspace" and left feeling so incredibly different - relaxed and happy! We all need a bit of time out and I couldn't think of a nicer place to be, especially in this weather.

Each time I spend time here I leave feeling like a different person. My worries disappear and a calm, happy vibe takes their place. Nicks is an incredible yoga teacher - her classes are always a joy - she manages to encourage and push you in just the right way so that you begin to believe in your ability. The power of healing the mind and taking some time for yourself can never be underestimated - this is the place to do that.

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