Sometimes I wonder when humans will wake up and take responsibility. I was recently sent an article by a friend about the plastic wast from PPE kits ending up in the ocean? I mean seriously.....

How can we even fathom that we are better than nature herself? Throwing copious amounts of plastic waste into the oceans to save us from the virus that has shut the world down....?

Have we not understood Nature's message?

She does not need the human race to survive. In fact she thrives when we are locked away.

She will send another virus our way if we do not wake up and shutting all our doors will do nothing. She will wipe us out if we don’t wipe ourselves out before she does.

Wake up humanity. This is our time. See the opportunity in the space that has been created. See creativity and stop trying to control. Be open to change. Be open to a new existence.

Relinquish the need to control and you will suddenly see doors opening in front of you that you only ever imagined. Stop fearing the what 'if's' and the 'maybe's,' or that you might get ill and die. The truth of it is, we will die at some point, it is the cycle of life. We are born, we live. We die. Accept that and start living. Stop waiting to die. Live!

Start appreciating, start loving, start forgiving, start saying thank you! Start giving back!

Stop taking, needing, grabbing, fearing, stirring drama because it makes you feel good for one milo second. Stop condemning. Stop judging. Start dreaming and dreaming big, start believing again, start trusting, start loving and start creating.

If you want there to be a world if beauty for your grandchildren then stop trying to fix everything, stop trying to control everything  and start listening. Start listening to your that voice of wisdom and start listening to Mother Nature. Live a life that is whole, that gives and takes but gives again. Nourish your self, your soul, your children, your friends children, the soil, the animals. Stop eating junk food that is killing you and those who sell junk food stop selling it. Take some ownership of the diseases you are contributing too... obesity, depression, diabetes... no lockdown or financial support there?!! Governments, support farmers to go organic to protect our land, our animals, your people. You care for the NHS? Then stop enabling people to live off junk food. Real food should be available and accessible to every person on this planet. Real beef. Real vegetables. Real fruit. Real bread. Not puffed up foods made of chemicals and additives. Enough is enough. Stop counting the money and start counting lives!Everything has its place let’s stop thinking we are better than everyone and everything else and wake up. Because one thing for sure is that no vaccine, no lock down will stop mother Nature when she has had enough of us. And quite frankly who blames her


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