This week I am going to share tips to stay grounded. I hope you enjoy. :) xx


Embrace this mantra whenever you feel in a negative space,

"I breathe in peace, I breathe out conflict.

I embrace unconditional love.'

Repeat this to yourself at any point that you feel unsettled or ungrounded. Or when you feel conflicted.


Kneel in Heroe's pose/ seiza posture - so kneeling with buttocks on your heels. if this is too difficult pop a couple of cushions between your bottom and your heels.

This opens the spleen and stomach Meridians, creating more digestive fire. It strengthens digestion and increase life force/chi/prana/ energy in the body.

Quote for the day

"Do what you feel passionate about, aspire to make a difference."

Denzel Washington

Sending you love and light on this Tuesday.



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