Getting undressed

As she removed one layer after another, she began to feel lighter. She began to feel new. She began to feel true. As she came closer to being naked, she, for the first time started to identify with her truth.

Each layer represented a mask of who she had become, wearing one for every occasion, in order to please, in order to fit in, in order to mould into whatever environment she was in. But as she took each layer off and let go of all the extras, she met her naked being. And what a beautiful, strong, and humble woman this being showed up to be...

Each day, allow yourself time to go inwards. To hear your heart's song. To remember who you are and where you came from. Ride the bumps and bring yourself back, allowing yourself to go that little bit deeper each time. Step back from the noise, and listen in the silence. You will be amazed and empowered by the spirit you meet. Without all the distractions, stimulants and noise; without all the masks and facades, each one of us is a beam of light and wisdom ready to make a positive difference.



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