Re discovering peace

There is no quick fix to deep healing. It can be long, tough, frustrating and all sorts of baggage can surface. This is all part of the healing! Sometimes we receive a diagnosis and it all seems very 'final'. We get given some medication and it it is what it is. We learn to live with it. But I truly believe we do not. And there is plenty of evidence out there saying the same thing as what I believe. I appreciate that sometimes the diagnosis is late in the day and that makes it harder to reverse but we can still help ourselves be able to deal with it all from a calmer and more peaceful place. We can help the body by nurturing it, creating a self care routine, removing stress, increasing water consumption, sleeping, practicing disciplines such as Yoga, tai Chi, Karate, embracing acupuncture, reflexology, CBT, EFT, Kiniesiology, walking, talking, finding someone to listen to us properly. All of this contributes to deep healing.

I hear words, and I have said them too, 'but I have cut out all the crap, and I am still sick or struggling. Why?" The answer ... because we have to let all the emotional baggage go too. We have to accept they are there these uncomfortable emotions and then say, 'ok, I see you. Now I want to let them go.' Energy in motion... that is what emotions are. When we numb them with uppers, downers or ignore them in any way we can, we create many other issues!

We could start by being kind to ourselves.... "I forgive myself, I love myself , I accept myself. " We could then say, "I forgive others too." "I let go of this discomfort, anger, pain. I forgive..... and I let go." Forgiveness is a huge part of our healing journey, of others and most importantly of ourselves.

If you really want to live in a better world, in a more peaceful place it all starts with you! Sitting around in denial, eating badly, sleeping badly, judging others, criticising all and everything, living in a negative mind set with all the what ifs and maybes, depleting everything we have by trying to fix others rather than ourselves, is not benefitting anyone! Of course we can listen 100% to others and share what we have learnt or know, this helps hugely but we cannot fix them. Only they can do that.

SO, starting with ourselves... we need to eat well - fresh is BEST - recognise every ingredient on a packet otherwise do not eat it! Drink plenty of water, alkalise the body. Sleep well. Surround yourself with people that make you happy and feel safe and loved. We need to have a sense of acceptance and relinquish all control. To recognise that there is a power so much greater than ourselves. We only have to witness a natural disaster to see the power of the Universal energy that surrounds us. And we are part of this powerful source of energy. Every single thing that exists in this world has its place and is so important to everything functioning as it needs and wants to.

We need to get our of our heads and into our hearts. Our heads work SOOOOO much better when we are creating from a heart space. Look at all the beautiful creations man has made in the world, Music, Cathedrals, Churches, paintings, sculptures, garden and house designs, the list is endless, these are made with passion, with love, from the heart. The heart then spoke to the brain and the brain created something incredible. It is when we allow our heads to control everything that things get out of control. We have allowed the fear of the ego to take control. Let your heart speak louder and listen!

When you feel you are in a rut of negative thinking go and find someone and say, 'hello.' Or offer your help.

Speak to yourself and ask 'how can I be more compassionate? How can I see this situation from a more loving place." When we start talking like this we are speaking to our higher self.

It is ok to ask for help. Little prayers, 'teach me to embrace non judgement.' Or 'teach me how to forgive and to let go.' The more you ask for help the more you will receive. The better you will feel. You may not believe in anything but I ask you to try it. Just try for a month. Might feel like madness but I am pretty darn sure you will feel your spirits start to lift and scenarios in your life begin to change.

As we begin to change and feel calmer and happier. We become kinder and more loving and move patient. We begin to see the light again. It is beautiful. This my friends is how we will bring peace back into this beautiful home we call Earth.

#peace #love #lettinggo


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