So why did i choose the name HAPPY HEALING HEARTS to celebrate what I do. Well, firstly because I strive to be happy and help my children, family and friends and clients to be happy too. Secondly, I hope to help others heal themselves and thirdly, because if i can encourage my children, family, friends and clients to follow their hearts, I know that I will have contributed to preventing bouts of unhappiness and in lifting the cloud of confusion and often depression from many special souls. It is proven that the more we follow our hearts desires the happier and healthier we will be.

I write this as i know I, when in a place of thinking, and others feel it is a little wishy washy - a little far out - I get it but all i ask is that you go a bit deeper, call it HHH if that is more accessible, and consider that maybe, just maybe the Health Coaching, the horses, the Yoga - one or all of these, may just be the answer for you to find balance, inner strength and courage to make the changes needed to transform your life to one that is balanced, peaceful and sustainable.

If you would like to test the water perhaps contact Nicks and book in for a free Health History consultation? nicolacorbett@happyhealinghearts.com



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